Cumberland Woods 2014 Annual Board Meeting

(prepared by Mala Pearson)
APRIL 23, 2014
7:00 PM
Board Attendees:

Agenda topics

Presidents REPORT
Old Business-letters went out to residents for non-compliant issues with stipulations (warning/fine/lien). We have done a good job of getting these results and only one issue is outstanding. New Board must continue to make this high priority.

External Management of HOA-we are trying to elicit participation and we have not received a lot of responses. If we don’t have participation, we have researched a management company to run the association for us. This could cost an additional $75 per resident. We also have a bid in from a resident’s management company that is much less. We have tightened up the board this year with ‘playbooks’ for each member and things are much better documented. Hopefully this won’t be necessary as we will find residents to step up. (see below, we were able to elect a new board and this wasn’t needed)

Treasurer update
2013/14 Budget Update-on track. SEE HANDOUTS

Past Dues-$1025 in past due fee’s owed. 5 residents have not paid. Polly, our treasurer has done a great job in decreasing this from a much larger amount prior to coming on board. She will continue to work on this and keep the process going. Note that if we hire out a management company, they will likely require one year budget in the bank which we do not yet have.

2014 Mailing-90 day grace period is back in place. This is what is in the by-laws and what will be enforced. Polly will add a reminder about the by law policy for dues with the past due notice. There was a time period where we were being more lenient due to the economy, that is no longer the case here and we are back to enforcing our normal process.

director update
Neighborhood Watch-Chis Oakely provided Mala with update which said that there are now street captains on all streets and things are running smoothly so far. The committee did make a plea to the neighbors regarding excessive speeding. They are working with Deputy Mark Hickson and there are now more deptuties doing drive bys on a frequent basis. Captains are John Baran and Chris Oakely and their contact information is on our website if anyone has any information for them or would like to help out. Speeding continues to be a problem in our sub and we encourage residents to notify any one of the board members, either Chris or John of the Neighborhood Watch Committee or the Police with license plate number information so we can stop this.

Welcome Committee-we have welcomed 4-5 families since last April and as there are more houses for sale or lease, we will continue with that. We give them a couple coffee mugs and a letter with the website information and tell them about the blockparty and answer any questions they might have. A new family (The Freemans) who moved here in December on Fox Woods Lane were welcomed at this meeting as well.

Event Update –looking for blockparty committee members. All info is documented from last year in a binder and they would be re-instating mostly everything from last year. Need someone to head this up as several of the volunteers from last year will again help out. Event Date for block party is September 13th this year. Did not do an easter egg hunt due to the crazy weather we had. Would like to do a fall event-cider/donuts/Halloween in mid-late October as well for 2014. Three events total. PLEASE CONTACT ANY OF THE BOARD MEMBERS IF INTERESTED THRU WEBSITE.

Garage Sale-is there interest? (quick show of hands-only a few) If so, we will do it again in June with Cumberland Hills. Need volunteer to coordinate. Can get info from Marnie Oakley. IF RESIDENT IS INTERESTED, PLEASE CONTACT BOARD THRU WEBSITE.

Website Update-Website is up and running but can extend our contract with the host administrator do more things with this like send out surveys and send out meeting minutes unless we have a resident who can do this and other website tasks for us. A.C. Talwar of Elmwood Court agreed to be our website coordinator and will take over Mala Pearson’s duties and work with the host administrator, Todd to get these permissions enabled.

Beautification Committee-looking for some volunteers to help keep the entrance and woods area to our sub clean and tidy until the landscapers come in. Instead, as brought up in the meeting, we will send an email the day before asking residents to come out and help clean up.

Miller Landscaping Contract-Rob explained that we were unsatisfied with our prior landscaping company. We now have a 3 year contract with Miller Landscaping. We saw some cost savings with them now doing our holiday lighting as well. They are also now doing sidewalks in some of the common area’s. One check to one company with one point of contact. We also have a quarterly review meeting with the account manager to make sure they know what is working and what is not. They will be out in the next couple weeks cleaning out the front entrance area and getting our sprinklers up and running and then flowers in end-May.

Snow Removal-A lot of issues arose with snow removal mostly due to the extreme amounts this year. People were not happy with the snow in their yards. Court residents were especially unhappy with the snow not being plowed in the middle like it was in previous years. Some complained that they weren’t out early enough. Also, they need to make sure they are not plowing the snow up to the mailboxes. Rob and the future vice president will continue to work with the company to improve in these areas at all quarterly review meetings-if they do not improve, we can cancel the contract. On a side note, salt is not part of the contract, but we did call them once this winter due to the large amounts of ice on our roads. One resident said that he called the city and was told that our sub is on a ‘do not plow’ list-we will investigate this and get off of this list if this is the case. Priority for the new board! Also, the front entrance should be considered for salting next winter.

Entrance Lighting-Miller will give us a quote to work on the entrance lighting-this will be followed up with the new board. We did not get new lighting when the entrance was re-done. We only put in a new transformer. New Board will have to get this done.


Street Lights-Each light costs $3000 and it was recommended to space them out every 3 houses. Too expensive. Some residents want these lights for safety issues for walking at night. Other residents do not want it because they don’t want extra light on their house at night. If residents would all just turn in their outdoor lights, this would suffice! RESIDENTS, TURN YOUR OUTSIDE LIGHTS ON AT NIGHT PLEASE.

Road Construction Timeline-In 2-3 weeks we will see construction starting to repair Lakeridge only. Will last approximately 3-4 weeks.

Dog Waste Fines-Still seeing dog poop in our sub-will fine them $25 after first notice. If you see any of this happening, please notify the board.

Board Elections-President, Vice President, Secretary, Director (Member at Large) all up for election. All of these but Director are 2 year commitments. Director is 1 year.

The following people have volunteered and were voted in favor:
2014/15 Cumberland Woods Board
President-Rick Edwartoski
Vice President-John Baran
Secretary-Mike Kobylarz
Director-Ron Konicov