Board Members, General Duties, Committee's

Note: All positions below were filled by elections held in June 2021.

General Board E-mail:

David Schaefer

Conducts Board meeting, writes letters to residents and compiles annual report data. Oversee's all subdivision activities.

Term-2 years, expires 2025

schaefer953 @ gmail. com

John Baran
Vice President

Conducts Board meetings in the absence of the President and helps with any on-going projects. Also is responsible for obtaining quotes on neighborhood improvement projects.

Term-2 years, expires 2025

johnnybpilot @ wowway . com

Janet Gerhard

Responsible for agendas, meeting minutes and voting ballots and any other documentation as it relates to the subdivision. Also helps with managing website.

Term-2 years, expires 2025

jgerhard97 @ gmail. com

Karen Kimbro

Responsible for dues (sending notices and collection of), filing annual taxes, paying invoices, maintaining bank accounts,liens for nonpayment of dues

Term-2 years, expires 2025

cumberlandHOAtreasurer @ gmail . com

Kim Vitu

Sends out letters for bylaw violations, works with city on infrastructure related issues and problems.

Term-1 year, expires 2024

kimberlyvitu @


Neighborhood Watch


Events (Block Party)


By-Law Revision